global pitch 2020

At this year's Global Pitch, 100% of our finalists' projects were awarded funding, thanks to the generosity of our judges! 


Check out our winning teams below to learn about the impact they're making in their communities and around the world.


Hutchins 4 Homeless

Hutchins 4 Homeless

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The Hutchins 4 Homeless Changemaker Project is the creation and operation of a community garden in Central Hobart, with the primary aim of supporting our homeless community. We are in the process of developing this garden, which will generate income and fresh produce for homeless people working in the garden, while also improving the community. We have engaged with local businesses and council groups, hoping to expand our reach to local homeless shelters. Our project can and will make a change in the community but it is only one step towards solving the issue of homelessness in Hobart.