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global pitch 2022

Check out this year's changemaker teams! Below you'll find the GoFundMe pages of each of our teams, which you can directly donate to. If you'd like to sign up as a mentor to a changemaker team, let us know. Thank you for empowering our youth to #bethechange they wish to see!



SOS Children in Haiti (SOSCH)


Our project is about helping children on the streets of Haiti to go to school and reintegrate into society. We will be doing this by sending school tuition, along with a bag, pens and notebooks for four children in Haiti to go to school. Our team leader will go to Haiti and meet the children personally, and we will make it an extra-curricular activity in our school, so we can keep raising funds for these students' school tuition in the years to come.

The Teal Butterfly

As the Teal Butterfly project (Teal is the sexual assault awareness color), we aim to create a curriculum that supports survivors of sexual abuse. When underage students are assaulted, trusted adults (teachers, therapists, etc.) are mandated reporters, meaning that they are required to report the abuse. Some survivors are not ready to report post-trauma, which leaves the survivor with their peers to depend upon for support. These peer-listeners are unequipped to help with the trauma and can often make it worse. We hope to fill this education gap by providing a curriculum that teaches how to respond to trauma. When survivors are given support, they are more likely to report.

Protein for Life

We aim to educate kids about the effects of food choice on the environment through our Protein for Life project. Our Protein For Life website will include a compilation of educational resources for students, parents, and educators to teach kids about the effects of animal agriculture on the environment and the benefits of a plant-based diet. By creating a curriculum that is accessible and engaging to kids through educational videos, books, games, science experiments and more, we hope to empower kids to make good choices for their bodies and the environment!

Taiji Dolphin Hunt

In Taiji, Japan, there is an annual drive hunt of dolphins for slaughter and selection. This cultural hunt depletes the already endangered dolphin population and has negative impacts on the ocean ecosystem. The protesters against this hunt in Taiji need to expand their efforts to convince the Japanese government to stop enforcing their hunting policies. Our project is the creation of a campaign in the US that educates and funds the Japanese protesters. Additionally, we want to partner with a Japanese celebrity who can spread awareness throughout Japan, since the Japanese government suppresses public knowledge on the hunt.


The Lotus Program

Many children—due to factors like government surveillance, living in remote regions, poverty and censorship—do not even have the chance of being provided with proper educational resources. The lack of educational resources is a prominent problem in more places than we can imagine, most places whose voices are silenced due to problems such as inequity, an inactive press and tight governmental control. Our principal solution is to create a multifunctional online program that is feasible to a wide spectrum of users globally. We will be recruiting volunteers from all over the world to create educational content based on the specific requirements of schools in need. For example, if an institution lacks educational resources about taboo topics, volunteers could create content such as infographics, articles and even videos that teach about these topics. These materials will be examined by our team and, with permission, be consensually uploaded onto a collective online platform for the children to use.

Reading Time with Nadia & Friends

My project for this year is inequality in education. In my opinion, this issue is one of the most important issues when it comes to success. From birth, those in marginalized communities are met with obstacles, one of which includes insufficient education. Because of this, I created “Reading Time with Nadia and Friends.” The point of this project is to go to a school affected by this and give them books, and also read to the kids. I believe this would be helpful because it would expose these kids to books at a young age, and also give them good representation.

Seeds for Our Future

Few students in Palo Alto have the opportunity to learn about the environment, climate change, and sustainability in an engaging outdoor setting. For my project, I will be reviving the garden at Fletcher Middle School to teach the students about the environment, gardening, and the science of plants in a fun, hands-on way. This program will include opportunities for students to get their hands dirty while planting, lessons about ecology and plant biology, and lessons about how everyday actions like what food we eat can help fight climate change.

The Smart Food Project

Our current food system is destroying our planet and harming everyone that lives on it. More than 70 billion land animals are being mercilessly slaughtered for food every single year. This needs to change. I hope to educate children about the severity of this problem in order to spread awareness. I believe this is the best solution to this problem because if everyone works together, we can bring down the massive corporations that are treating these animals so poorly.

Standing Against Period Poverty (SAPP)

Our current project consists of two parts and falls under the realm of reducing inequality within healthcare. We are reaching out to schools which might find our programme useful. We would like to address a practical issue which many young individuals confront, namely difficulty in affording sanitary pads. We aim to install sanitary pad dispensers in identified schools and provide sanitary towels as well. In addition, we are trying to put a system in place to help students that struggle with visual problems. We will be sourcing new and old frames to distribute to students in order to better their learning and life experience.

Ate (Ah-Teh)


Last school year, Kirsten founded Ate, an all-girls mentoring program in which high school girls offered virtual courses to middle school girls in a range of interest areas, with the desire to build leadership skills and support girls' confidence. This year, Adrienne joined and Ate is pivoting towards creating bonds in our community and around the world. Ate currently hosts multiple weekly sessions with middle school girls, who are training to mentor elementary schoolers. The organization aims to create a branch in the Philippines to improve education access there and allow the girls to form international connections.


Education + Children's Rights

thank you to our sponsors

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global pitch 2024

Congratulations to all of our teams that presented at this year's Changemaker Global Pitch! Click each team's GoFundMe page to support their initiatives with a donation. We appreciate your support!


Beyond funding, what our teams need most is mentorship. Would you like to mentor a team?

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FoodPrint EDU


FoodPrint EDU campaigns to educate college students about how dietary choice influences one’s ecological footprint and can mitigate climate change! Operating since 2020, we’re pleased to engage our community in various ways including with illuminating presentations at Adelphi University. We offer internships and have provided college-credit to interns. Participants develop informative content with original blogs, presentations, media posts, and recipes. Our focus spans an assortment of topics such as food/plastic waste, nutrition, and environmental justice. These efforts are vital to education about food choices that rely less on industrialized agriculture, as its large-scale practices pose environmental hazards in many aspects.

Growing Plant-Based

Growing Plant-Based is a first-of-its kind Australian charity that seeks to drive the transition and long-term commitment to plant-based diets and vegan lifestyles within families raising children - a demographic that is currently underserved within the plant-based movement.

Leading with the benefits for children - optimizing their health, protecting the environment, and nurturing their innate compassion - we aim to support and motivate the adoption of plant-based and vegan lifestyles among families in Australia and beyond. A vital element of our work is to provide practical resources that make it easier for parents to raise healthy, happy plant-powered children.

Holistic Wellness and Health

The Holistic Plant-Based Agriculture and Cooking Program has touched the lives of many young people, parents, and educators. Together, we immerse ourselves in regenerative farming, cultivating food that nourishes not only our bodies but also our environment. We celebrate the journey of growing, preserving, and cooking plant-based foods in ways that are easy, nutritious, and truly enjoyable. Youth are empowered to understand that food choices can drive social change. With every lesson, they foster a deeper connection with the Earth, themselves, and their communities. In this nurturing environment, they cultivate compassion for themselves and empathy for all living beings.

Charity Elections

In a charity election, high school students research, discuss, and reflect on three charities before voting to decide which will receive up to $2,000 in sponsored funds.

The programme was designed to inspire meaningful discussions and empower young people to reflect on complex world issues and realise their potential to make a difference. A self-contained slideshow allows teachers to easily run the event, either across a set of classes or the whole school.

CharityElections_Photo - Greg Gianopoulos.jpeg


Do What's Write

Districts and libraries have been banning books that are vital to a student's growth and education. For my project, “Do What’s Write”, I will be creating an Advocacy Campaign. First I will create a website, which will include: 1. A list of organizations that help students receive access to books and curriculums; 2. digital versions of courses that have been suspended; and 3. “Radical Bookstores” that donate censored books to students. I will also host the "Banned Book Fair" with speakers to educate my community about book banning.

Newton South Gardening

We will revamp the garden at Newton South High School into a proper community garden. We’ll create a lineage of students to garden by dividing the space into subplots that clubs at our school "own". We’ll build drip irrigation and compost systems to sustain the garden.

We’ll distribute the produce to our school community for use in meals and to students without access to fresh produce at home.

We’ll also educate students about the importance of gardening and how eating fresh, local produce can reduce effects on the environment. We’ll promote the garden at our school’s Earth Day Event(s).

Jaiditya(Sjeev Khejri sole member) - JAIDITYA SHEKHAWAT.jpg

Sajeev Khjeri

Introducing "Sajeev Khjeri" – a dynamic dedicated to the conservation of indigenous trees in Rajasthan's Barmer and Jaisalmer regions. Our mission is to combat deforestation and protect valuable tree species like the khejri, babool, and rohida. Through innovative educational campaigns, community engagement, and empowering the Bishnoi community, we aim to raise awareness about the cultural and ecological significance of these trees. By leveraging technology, including a reporting website, we encourage local residents to actively participate in reporting illegal activities. Join us in preserving our natural heritage and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Fashionably Green

My project aims to educate teenagers in my community about the negative environmental impacts of fast fashion in order to help them make more environmentally conscious decisions when purchasing clothing. Fast fashion uses synthetic, single- use materials, which are harmful to the environment and cause a buildup in textile waste, polluting our world. My solution includes making a sustainable fashion magazine with other educational components about environmentally- friendly fashion and fast fashion. Once the magazine gets printed, I will distribute it in both the library at my school and the public library in my town.

Together We Can

This project is about giving children in need a chance to succeed. Too often, children from disadvantaged backgrounds are left behind and don't have the same opportunities as others. By donating school clothes and school supplies we believe we can make a real difference in the life of a child who needs our help. A little bit of assistance can go a long way in helping a child to reach their full potential. With your help, we can ensure that every child has a chance to succeed.


STEMspire’s, a kit designed for girls studying in Paud village near my school. The aim is to spread awareness of the rising gender-gap in STEM-fields,to encourage and inspire girls from a younger age to pursue STEM-careers and to provide girls with adequate resources and opportunities to develop their passion for STEM.
The kits will benefit the girls as they’re: learning essential mathematics concepts,a variety of programming languages and how to use arduinos for projects. These life-changing experiences and opportunities are something that they might never receive from their schools or village, if not offered to them by me.

STEMspire_photo - Hitanshi Gaudani.JPG


Education + YOUTH

SOCIAL Justice

Health + SAFETY

ANIMALS + Environment


thank you to our sponsors

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