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GLOBAL Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about social justice? Well-connected in your community? Want to empower youth in your country to #bethechange they wish to see?

Become a Changemaker Global Ambassador! 


The Changemaker Project is a nonprofit program that helps youth (ages 13-18) tackle social justice issues in their communities. Our program can be used in an after-school club or a class curriculum. Our online course teaches youth about social and environmental issues, and helps students to create and implement innovative solutions using Stanford's Design Thinking process. We host a Global Pitch event each spring, where teams pitch to win seed funding for their projects. For the next three months, students launch and execute their projects with the support of mentors to guide them. In June, we host a Changemaker Showcase, where teams can present their projects and demonstrate the impact they've had in their communities

Over the past five years, we've reached over 2000 students in 30+ countries to #bethechange they wish to see. Through our Global Ambassador Program, we are able to grow and expand in new regions. We're looking for outgoing leaders who can help us outreach to youth, develop school and NGO partnerships, and be the face of The Changemaker Project in their countries/regions.


  • Self-starter + able to take initiative

  • Organized + reliable

  • Confident public speaker

  • Creative + strategic

  • Outgoing + well-connected


  1. Attend a training session and regular support calls with other ambassadors. You'll gain valuable leadership training and make connections with other ambassadors from around the world.

  2. Promote The Changemaker Project with schools and NGOs in your area using your own creative strategy. (Don't worry, we'll provide you with tips and ideas! You choose what works best for your country/region.)

  3. Recruit at least 100 students or 10 schools in your region to join The Changemaker Project.


We'll provide toolkits and guidelines to support you in presenting TCP to schools and NGOs in your area, as well as on social media, but we also value your creativity and innovation in order to figure out what recruitment strategy works best for your area.

In addition to training and resources, our regular ambassador calls are a great way to meet other changemakers from around the world and gain new ideas and strategies that you can apply to your region.

All ambassadors will be featured on our website, gain valuable leadership development training, and receive a commission-based stipend.


If you're ready for the challenge of representing The Changemaker Project in your country, apply here!
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