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Want to change the world with us?


Are you an adult looking to empower the next generation of changemakers? We need your help!


The Changemaker Project is a global youth challenge to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Students all over the world participate in an online course in which they learn about social justice issues (for people, animals, and the environment) and work together in teams to design solutions. We need volunteers to act as virtual mentors for our teams between the months of March and June!



  • Mentors sign up below to indicate their skills and expertise

  • Mentors send a headshot to to be featured in our online mentor directory

  • Mentors will be invited to lead a Google hangout coaching session about a particular topic

  • Changemaker Project staff will facilitate the Google hangout and assist mentor in fielding questions from students

  • During the call, mentors ask and answer questions to learn more about the teams' projects and offer helpful resources and guidance

Have questions? Email and we'll get right back to you!